Water System Services
» Professional Installation & Maintenance

Professional Installation

H20 The Water Store will professionally install all water treatment equipment, and then program the equipment according to your water usage. We install and maintain various types of water system equipment including: Water Pressure Cistern
  • Water softeners & conditioners
  • Hardness removal systems
  • pH treatment / Neutralizers
  • Carbon systems
  • Chlorine removal systems
  • Reverse osmosis units
  • Booster and delivery pumps
  • Sulfur treatments
  • UV lights
  • Nitrate removal units
We also offer yearly preventative maintenance of your equipment including:
  • Reverse Osmosis filter changes
  • Neutralizers rebedded and checked
  • UV Light changes annually
  • Water Conditioner/ resin bed cleaned and functions checked

Drywells - Drainage Area For your Whole-House System

Dry WellH20 The Water Store offers installation of dry wells/drainfields for back wash lines from water treatment. In some states it is illegal to have backwash lines draining into septic systems.

Why Install a Drywell System?
Installing a drywell for backwash helps prevent your septic system from failing due to increased volume and salt content. Dry well installation is available for newly installed equipment and for previously installed equipment.

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